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Codec Crash Recovery

Want a stable PC?

The Windows codec system is complex and it is easy for all the many codecs on your PC to go wrong, neuview is the answer.

What happens when things go wrong?

When a codec or any other software crashes it can become very annoying when all you want to do is a simple task. If a codec crashes you will loose your position in the video and have to reload the media player and find your last position again, the interruption is enough to ruin the experience.

We discovered that most of the problems associated with codecs were from bugs in the code that is used to create them. The only way to handle this was to form a level of protection to the user.

Neuview uses a simple bug free technique for catching codec crashs whilst simultaneously handling the behaviour of the codec so that neuview can recover and resume your playback within seconds.

Codec crash recovery exclusive to neuview.

Currently we are the only media player that uses this powerful techique. You can rest safe assured your playback will not be inturrupted by buggy codecs.

The advanced playback kernel continually manages system resources inline with codec crash protection to make this all transparent as possible to the user.

Experience neuview for $12.99

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