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Advanced Playback Kernel

Why create a playback kernel?

The playback kernel that comes with Windows is limited and does not allow features such as reverse playback, fast forward and glitch free playback.

So what is a playback kernel, and why is ours so advanced?

The playback kernel controls the audio and video frames making sure they are in sync. This ensures that lips in the video move at the same time as the speech in the audio stream.

We accomplished this by using multithreading techniques that means neuview takes priority of system resources at vital times during the playback of the video. A thread is a program running in the background that is performing a specific task. Inside the Operating System of the computer there can be hundreds of threads. Each thread has a priority to decided which one is next in line for system resources ,such as memory, CPU and hard disk access. Our playback kernel has the highest possible priority level to ensure the smoothest possible playback.

As well as playing back at the highest priority level, we also perform buffering of audio and video frames. The buffer allows uninterrupted playback while playing a file over a network or hard disk. All the programs running on your computer are competing for hard disk access, by having a buffer you will experience playback that you are used to from a DVD or Blu Ray player where there is only one program accessing the disk.

The APK is the hidden genius of neuview.

Our aim for neuview was to simulate the robust performance of a high quality DVD player. With features such as reverse playback, consistent smooth fast forward / rewind tracking speed and audio cross fading you will begin to appreciate the playback kernel of neuview.

The advanced playback kernel continually manages system resources transparent from the user. We implemented advanced multithreaded techniques so that this is all possible for you.

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