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NEUVIEW MEDIA PLAYER - Pixelfusion Technology.


Phenomenal, Breakthrough, Technology.

Will Enhance The Way You View Media,



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A Blogger Reviews neuview...

"Breathtaking Quality", "dramatically enhance picture quality"

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Give me 5 minutes and I will show You how this Fascinating New Unique Original Media Player will improve Every Movie on Your hard drive and every film you watch through it from now on.


You are probably already aware of the fact that Neuview Media Player has special benefits for you. The fact that you are reading this page means that you have the opportunity to join the many, many happy and proud owners of Neuview media player. 


One of the things you’re really going to love about Neuview Media Player is Pixelfusion, a very special technology designed to give you the benefits of a High Definition TV picture using standard movie files, Sound good to you? More about this very soon…….

Standard Media Player...


Neuview Media Player, with exclusive Pixelfusion Technology...



Neuview started out as the brainchild of two highly skilled, experienced software engineers, their aim to create a media player so advanced and easy to use that every person who experiences it will become a little bit happier with every feature they discover. In short they created this amazing software for your enjoyment. Do you like to enjoy yourself?


I would like to show you how you can experience reliable, uninterrupted video made simple by the Neuview Media player.


Just the other day I was watching a movie at a friends house, it was GREAT, you know, when a movie is so good you become engrossed in the storyline, the tension building, sitting on the edge of your seat without realising, the sheer excitement rising, hanging on the twists and turns scene after scene… Remember the last masterpiece you watched? Excellent wasn’t it? Then as we watched, it started skipping sections, pausing and the whole experience became irritating.


We had to turn it off, what a waste! I’m wondering if you want to prevent this from happening to you. Ever been in a similar situation?


This exceptional software will actually detect a ‘crash’ caused by errors in a movie file or codec, then find a way to correct the problem! Isn’t it nice to know that QO labs software is tailored for you the customer? Providing a service to you, it’s your right to enjoy the movie you’ve been waiting to watch, does this sound fair to you?


I know that other media players cannot play incomplete .AVI files. I also know that this is one of the many features of Neuview included for your benefit; it’s a good one isn’t it? You might want to think about how you can use it.


You might become aware of the fun you can have when you think about the many different ways you can use this next feature……     Slow motion! Adjust the speed of the movie to see what actually happened in that amazing action scene, and not only see it! You can hear it too! Can you imagine it? Listening to a scene in slow motion! You might want to speed it up or even put it into reverse and hear every clear remark, acoustic rumble, and tonal echo! Wouldn’t you agree that it would be fun to use this feature? It would be better than just fast forward & rewind would it not?


And now back to what makes Neuview stand out from the rest……..


normal_sampling Pixelfusion Technology

Read about Pixelfusion & other exclusive neuview features...

Pixelfusion, maybe you haven’t seen the powerful clarity of focus that neuview displays yet. Can you imagine blurred images in the background springing into view, you might not have even noticed them before, but now you become aware of it you only want to use neuview from now on.


Allow me to illustrate, to paint a scene for you. What happens when you imagine a clear photo of a dear friend at a time you were all together, how good does it feel? What do you remember? Then as you are studying the photo, the background comes into focus, the friend you are looking at is now crystal clear and almost stepping out of the picture, when you notice many old friends in the background you couldn’t quite see before, becoming clearer, how does it feel now? What happens when the picture springs into life and becomes a movie? Good? Is it an improved scene now? Feel more involved? Try to resist the fact that neuview will treat every movie still in this way and link them together in a smooth naturally flowing ribbon, and isn’t it nice to know that all you need to do is click experience now for it all to be yours, its just so easy isn’t it?

Standard Media Player...


Neuview Media Player >>> Experience Now...

experience now


Has it ever occurred to you that it doesn’t stop there?


When you really begin to discover the fact that Neuview offers more benefits for you than any other media player, then, one way or another, sooner or later, you will realise that now is the perfect opportunity to buy the full version for your own enjoyment and experience neuview’s advantages now


Lets look at the facts, not only will neuview empower you to watch startlingly sharp video, and you will watch it completely uninterrupted, and it won’t matter to you if its finished downloading or not, and you can do it at a varied range of speeds for fact or fun, so your probably thinking how soon can you use this media player and see the difference for yourself.


Neuview will do so much more for you, so much I don’t have the space to write it all down! Some other features might help you become even more curious about the full power of all the features combined.


Noise reduction, do you remember the hiss that was always in the background on audio tapes before advances in noise reduction? Well the guys at QO labs have created something very special for you, noise reduction for video. Imagine a filter looking at each and every frame of video, plucking out the random pixels that are not supposed to be there and replacing them with one that blends in with its surroundings.


Of course the classic brightness and contrast are included, it goes without saying, but do you think QO labs would be happy to give you that? Of course not, they improved it! And included sharpness control for you, think about how many toys have been included in this package for you.


You will spend hours upon hours of fun playing with the settings getting the picture absolutely perfect, just how you like it, I know I did! Don’t worry about spending any time setting it up, Neuview will check the specification of your PC when you install it, and optimise all settings to suit the processing power of your PC, all to make life easier for you. And that’s what a lot of people like, don’t they? The ability to play with the settings is there for you to experiment and customise the image for your own liking. If you wanted to do it, wouldn’t you be pleased you could?


Do you ever watch movies spoken in a different language? Well if you do or even if you don’t. Sooner or later, wouldn’t you agree that you might want to watch a movie with subtitles? It’s a nice to have option, ready to be used by you, when you want it, isn’t it? That’s why Neuview supports subtitles, because it has been made for you. Understand?


I’m not going to tell you Neuview works for your benefit like no other media player. Just that, have you ever noticed tearing occurring when watching a movie? Maybe? If you haven’t its not because it doesn’t exist, think of it similar to if you decide upon something you want, then for some strange reason you notice LOADS of them all the time! Know what I mean? Well the advanced v-sync logic built in to this media player will ensure you never see video tearing again with your copy of Neuview.


I don’t know weather you like cool colourful funny pictures or posters, but you can create your own with Neuview’s advanced snapshot grab option, just use the slow motion to choose your perfect frame then grab the enhanced snapshot, print it out and stick it on your wall, or anywhere else you would like it, can you think of anywhere?

Standard Media Player...


Neuview Media Player >>> Experience Now...

experience now


I tell you what really gets to me sometimes………waiting, you know? Non responsive buttons pausing, just because something’s happening in the background, it happened to me the other day, I said to myself, “I wish someone would invent a program that didn’t lock up!” And then I found one, and you already know what it’s called! And you might be interested to see the full power of neuview for yourself!


By now you may realise the effort that has been put into this amazing product to improve the way you watch movies with it, there is so much to tell you I can’t fit it all in but rest assured there are many security features and failsafe mechanisms to give you a safe, solid, and secure peace of mind, there is no adware with any QO labs product, it is all certified clean for your benefit.


Buffered playback ensures the video you will be watching will not skip,

And the OnNow compliant system will keep screen savers and power saving standby moments at bay while you enjoy the film. Do you know what you want to watch first?


This may not be relevant to you…

If you are not 100% satisfied that Neuview media player performs the benefits we have described to you, QO labs will give you your money back! They have so much confidence in their product and the features that have been included for you that you can take advantage of this amazing offer without even thinking about it.


By now, you might be thinking about the features that appeal to you, the features you are interested to see in action, but before you decide to see for yourself QO labs wish to thank you for reading our article.

5 out of 5


100% Money Back Guarantee

Reviews and Press

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A Blogger Reviews neuview...

"Breathtaking Quality", "dramatically enhance picture quality"

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