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Seeking a position in a movie.

The seek bar can be located on the slide down control panel, below the LCD display

The current position is marked by a slider and on the LCD in the format HH:MM:SS. The current timestamp is shown on the left and the total duration on the right.

If you drag the slider with the left mouse button, you will see a still frame at each position.

If you drag the slider with the right mouse button when in normal playback mode you will see that part of the movie with motion and sound as normal, this can sometimes make it easier to locate the position you are searching for.

Lastly if you are watching a movie and want to go on to the next file, you can simply drag the slider past then end of the bar and neuview will understand you want the next movie. If you find this does not funciton, try dragging the slider further, or check the playback - at end of file, option located in the on screen menu.

If a file does not allow you to seek, then your only option is to use the fast forward option at x2 speed, turning processing off with the space bar can speed things up a little, remember space bar turns back on processing.

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