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Brightness, contrast and saturation (color)

These controls are not standard, the settings are referenced by the neuview subsystems such as IQ Lighting. Although intuative, reading the following will allow you to get the most from neuview, and adjust to your preference and display device.


The brightness control is used for iluminating detail in dark areas.


The contrast control is used for increasing the amount of light in bright areas, controling the overall contrast (difference) between whites and blacks.


The saturation control is used for adding or removing vibrance with minimal distorsion or blurring of detail.

Using all the controls together

Use each slider in moderation to create the most realistic results.

  • Too much brightness will result in a washed out result.
  • Too much contrast will result in loss of detail in bright areas.
  • Too much saturation will result in artifical skin tones with glowing neon like objects and scenery.
  • Normally adjustments will be made to reflect the displays attributes. If blacks are not pure dark black then decreasing the brightness control can improve viewing conditions. If the display device is glaring or flickering, reducing the contrast can result in easier to view conditions.

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