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Digital Noise Reduction and Sharpness control

Digital Noise

If the source movie or image has been encoded at low bitrate, this effectivly means it is small in size on your hard disk. Digital artifacts can appear, these can be reduced using the Digital NR slider in the settings panel.

Digital artifacts are unnatural noticable objects around edges, that are the result of the compression process used to reduce the file size.

They can also manifest themselves as a smearing effect of blocky colors in dark areas of a scene.

Find a scene where there are heavy artifacts then move the slider until they are almost gone, you don't want to apply too much digital NR as this will destroy other content in a scene, a value of around 20 is usually enough.


Depending on the display device, sharp edges will be apparent or not as the case may be. Sometimes a general bluring effect can occur on old displays. All these situations where the device is not upto displaying high resolution content can be compensated for using a sharpen.

Applying sharpness can create dramatic changes to a scene, at first a high level seems best as the screen is filled with detail and vibrant definition but usually a lower value is best over time. This is because having a sharpness value that is too high can result in an actual loss of resolution and fine details, the exact elements of a image that define realism.

Different display devices (TVs, computer monitors, LCD and plasmas) will react differently to each sharpness setting so experiment and make some presets.

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