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What is neuview?

(1). Rewind / Slowdown / Frame Step, Backwards

(2). Pause / Frame Step, Mode

(3). Play / Resume

(4). Fast Forward / Slowdown / Frame Step, Forwards


(5). Open Media

(6). Close Media


(7). Show Settings

(8). Show OSD Menu

(9). Show Information


(10). LCD Display


(11). Subtitles

(12). Frame snapshot grab

...Show Settings


The settings panel:

Adjust the image to your preference, its usually a good idea to pause the video first and change the settings on a still scene.

If you wish to see the original video using standard techniques without enhancement, click the video processing toggle button.

Neuview applies advanced internal smoothing techniques to the brightness curves, this allows for maximum detail in bright and dark scenes. Contrast will give you brighter whites when increased, and brightness will give you darker blacks when decreased.

The digital noise reduction slider, is usefull when recording quality is grainy or digital 'mosquito noise' around objects is apparent in a scene. Use noise reduction with caution, less is usually more with this setting.

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