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What is neuview?

(1). Rewind / Slowdown / Frame Step, Backwards

(2). Pause / Frame Step, Mode

(3). Play / Resume

(4). Fast Forward / Slowdown / Frame Step, Forwards


(5). Open Media

(6). Close Media


(7). Show Settings

(8). Show OSD Menu

(9). Show Information


(10). LCD Display


(11). Subtitles

(12). Frame snapshot grab


This feature is rarely found in a software media player.

We are all used to the rewind button on our VCR's, the functionality varies.

When playing a video at normal speed, if you click this button once then it will run at half speed slow motion. Click the button repeatedly to increase the rewind speed. When in paused mode, the rewind button will function as a frame step.

This feature is only possible using the neuview media player subsystems, not found in other media players.

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