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What is neuview?

(1). Rewind / Slowdown / Frame Step, Backwards

(2). Pause / Frame Step, Mode

(3). Play / Resume

(4). Fast Forward / Slowdown / Frame Step, Forwards


(5). Open Media

(6). Close Media


(7). Show Settings

(8). Show OSD Menu

(9). Show Information


(10). LCD Display


(11). Subtitles

(12). Frame snapshot grab

...Show On Screen Display menu

OSD Menu

The On Screen Display menu:

Adjust program preferences.

Playback is defined by opening, viewing and then closing a file. Options here include what to do once a movie has finished.

Repeat a file, choose a random file and also if you have a folder of video clips on your hard disk, neuview can inteligently choose the next file by reading the filenames and play them in order.

You can toggle aspects of the image enhancements and enter a manual pixelfusion mode.

Multiple streams of subtitles can be selected via the text menu.

Diagnostic modes can be entered via the system submenu.

Preset video settings can be selected or modified to your preference.

Lastly you can run neuview in demo mode, to show off or demonstrate neuview to your friends.

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