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What is neuview?

(1). Rewind / Slowdown / Frame Step, Backwards

(2). Pause / Frame Step, Mode

(3). Play / Resume

(4). Fast Forward / Slowdown / Frame Step, Forwards


(5). Open Media

(6). Close Media


(7). Show Settings

(8). Show OSD Menu

(9). Show Information


(10). LCD Display


(11). Subtitles

(12). Frame snapshot grab


Watch video at the highest quality possible :

  • Unique Pixelfusion image resolution enhancement technology.
  • Adjust brightness/contrast/sharpness to suit.
  • Noise reduction option.
  • Powerful and easy media file navigation :

  • Incomplete/locked AVI file playback, due to our own specialized AVI reader.
  • Fast open/seek for AVI files, and OpenDML support (AVIs larger than 1Gb).
  • Subtitle support, multiple streams selectable from on screen menu.
  • Realtime frame preview when seeking.
  • Bi-directional fast framestepping + frame grab.
  • Variable speed playback from x1/2 to x250 speed.
  • True reverse playback.
  • Easy seek onto next/previous file in current directory using the seek bar.
  • Select action when end of file is reached - Stop, repeat file, goto next/random file in current directory.
  • Grab a snapshot of the current image or frame of a movie after being enhanced.
  • Robust and consistent playback :

  • Codec crash recovery - continue playback if an installed codec causes an error.
  • Bufferered playback, reduces the chance of video skipping.
  • Advanced vsync logic, completely eliminates video tearing.
  • Works correctly when dragging player across multiple monitors.
  • OnNow compliant - prevents standby/power saving while playing video, and works consistently when switching users in Windows XP.
  • Video renderer fallback mechanism, if one renderer fails it can try another renderer.
  • Pulldown stabilizer, ensures strict pulldown similar to hardware framerate converters / telecine machines. This can significantly reduce video judder.
  • Slick and professional design :

  • Audio crossfade option, to prevent sharp breaks in audio when seeking or closing a file.
  • Smooth metallic skin.
  • Button beep (can be disabled).
  • Anti-aliased OSD, with easy to use menu system and text display to give continuous feedback.
  • User interface is always responsive, even while a file is opening.
  • Drag and drop file support.
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